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Michael Myers (4)

Группа в интернете: https://www.facebook.com/michael.myers.904108

Дискография Michael Myers (4):

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Record collector since 1986, dj/selecter/promoter since 1998. Former karate-kid in Foggia suburbs, former screamer in seminal surfpunk combo The Petrifieds and SuperArgos. Former "ARS-ENIKO" editor, a diy trash zine in mid 90's. (8 issues) Speaker/dj at Radio Fragola Popolare Network (trieste) 1998-2008 Behind 8 editions of Trieste mod weekender HIPSTERS EXPO (1999-2010) WHATEVER rnr discoteque mastermind w/Carlo Apostoli (2008-2013 ) Now running MOVE ON UP, bimonthly mod club Official release as compiler: V/A "Masoch club entertainment " LP/CD (Plastic,1999) V/A "Love, strings and bossa "LP (Boss-a-tone,2001) V/A "Stasera shake!" LP (Boss-a-tone rec,2002) V/A "Stasera shake! vol. 2 CD (Boss-a-tone rec 2004) V/A "Stasera shake ! vol. 3 CD (Boss-a-tone, 2006) V/A "La discoteque psychedelique 2 CD (Boss-a-tone,2007)

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