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Dirk Dirksen

Также известно как: Dirk B.G. Dirksen, Dirk Dirkson

Дискография Dirk Dirksen:

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Central figure of the San Francisco Punk scene. From 1974 to 1984, he booked thousands of local and national punk acts (including the Dead Kennedys, Devo, the Ramones, Flipper, the Mutants, the Nuns, Black Flag, the Go-Go's) at a Pilipino supper club, the Mabuhay Gardens (better known as the Fab Mab). He called himself "the pope of punk" and was known for peppering audiences and performers alike with abuse and insults. He ran the Dirksen/Molloy Productions with Damon Molloy. He also produced 440 episodes of the arts program Cosmos San Francisco (KTSF TV 26.) Before his death in 2006 (at age 69), he finished two Fab Mab related projects — Mutants: Forensic Report, a documentary DVD about the San Francisco art/punk ensemble the Mutants, and I Remember One Night at the Fab Mab, an oral history of the club with archival photos.

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