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Alex Damiani

Saverio Antonio Lupo

Также известно как: A. Damiani, Damiani

Дискография Alex Damiani:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 La Strada Brucia / Non T'Amo 2 audio iTunes 1981
2 Cambierò, Cambierai 2 audio iTunes 1980 EMI
3 Come Per Magia 2 audio iTunes 1983 Lupus
4 Michelle / Io Per Te 2 audio iTunes 1982 EMI
5 Per Questo Amore / E Se Mi Va, Se Mi Va 2 audio iTunes 1984 Fontana
6 Prova Con Me / Cambierò Cambierai 2 audio iTunes 1980

Italian singer and actor (born in Amantea, Cosenza, April 22, 1954) who reaches the fame in the '70s doing the actor of photostories. In the 1980 gets a resounding success also in the musical field with the song [i]Cambierò Cambierai[/i], arranged by [a=Romano Musumarra]. Subsequently becomes a composer and begins to collaborate with [a=Gianni Belfiore]. He released two albums and a half dozen singles. His personal success arrives in the Latin-American countries.

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