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Steve Williams (15)

Steve Williams

Группа в интернете: http://www.steviewilliams.co.uk/, http://www.myspace.com/steviewilliamsband, http://www.smooth-jazz.de/Chris/4%20a.m..htm

Дискография Steve Williams (15):

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Bass player for [a=Distant Cousins] Multi-instrumentalist Stevie Williams hails from Salford in the north-west of England. He taught himself piano at the age of eight and had his first trumpet lesson at twelve years old. He started to play bass after listening to soul records, and was inspired to become a professional player. After leaving music college he formed his first professional band playing local pubs and clubs and any freelance gigs he could. His first break came in the form of an invitation to join a jazz trio working onboard the QE2 cruise liner sailing from New York. It was a learning experience for Stevie. On days off he would hang out in New York and take in as much live music as possible. This had a big influence on his return to the UK. He has delved into session playing, TV work, composition and production and has been a sideman for Jim Mullen, Hamish Stuart and Tanita Tikaram among others. He’s also supported such soul luminaries as Maze, Freddie Jackson and Alexander O'Neal.

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