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Группа в интернете: http://conterm-red.de/

Дискография Conterm_red:

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Conterm_red was founded in the mid-90's by Wini. He developed the music slowly from trackerbased computer music towards industrial and EBM. In 1998 Tom joined Conterm_red as vocalist and songwriter as well. After releasing the more industrial and lofi sounding MCD [r=1190541] Conterm_red changed their music style by including more and more electronic elements and went into the music studio Audiodrome in Mannheim to record their songs. The next EP was released exactly two years after the first MCD. Today Conterm_red represents a hard, technoid sound without any vocals except sampled voices and a music style somewhere between Thomas P. Heckmann and Feindflug. Tom is not a steady member of Conterm_red any longer but Wini keeps on working on the songs for the next release called "technologic impact".

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