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Frigid Prams

Члены группы Frigid Prams: Jeroen Flamman

Дискография Frigid Prams:

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The Frigid Prams 1979 - 1981 came from Breukelen, Holland - the group released their music on their own cassette label, "Finger In The Dyke Records". They often performed with groups such as Soviet Sex and Nasmak. Their most notable live performance was in the Vrije Vloer in Utrecht and was broadcast live on 3FM by the VPRO. Members were Jeroen Flamman, Ricky Schouten, Danielle Rigter, and Manon. After their break-up in 1981 when their paths split, Jeroen Flamman went on in Amsterdam as drummer of the punkband Terreur (feat. Hans Kok) and later launched [l=Lower East Side Records]. Ricky Schouten finished school and went to the Rietveld Academy.

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