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Manfred Mann & Mike Hugg

Manfred Lubowitz, Michael Hug

Также известно как: Hugg - Mann, Hugg Y Mann, Hugg, Mann, Hugg-Mann, Hugg/Hugg, Hugg/Mann, M. Mann / M. Hugg, M. Mann, M. Hugg, M. Mann/M. Hugg, Manfred Mann & Mike Hug, Manfred Mann And Mike Hugg, Manfred Mann Y Mike Hugg, Manfred Mann/Mike Hugg, Mann - Hugg, Mann / Hugg, Mann, Hugg, Mann- Hugg, Mann/Hugg, Mike Hugg / Manfred Mann, Mike Hugg, Manfred Mann, Mike Hugg-Manfred Mann, Mike Hugg/Manfred Mann
Члены группы Manfred Mann & Mike Hugg: Manfred Lubowitz, Mike Hugg

Дискография Manfred Mann & Mike Hugg:

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Writer, Arranger and Performer duo Manfred Mann was hired in the early 1960s by Mike Hugg for his band, which was soon to become the Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers. When signing a contract with EMI in 1963 the band was renamed to Manfred Mann (which is really the band's name and not only the person). They had a series of pop hits throughout the 60s but split up despite still being commercially successful in 1969. Mann and Hugg in the same year formed Manfred Mann Chapter Three, a Jazz-Rock oriented formation which issued two longplayers. The duo also wrote some music for TV commercials, some of them were also released as singles. Due to lack of success they disbanded in late 1970. Mann turned towards Rock music and formed the Manfred Mann's Earth Band (MMEB) in 1971 which is still active until today. Hugg released some solo records and was writing a lot of music for TV commercials and shows. Also he became an expert for computer based music and multimedia and today is playing with The Manfreds, the follow up band of the 60s group Manfred Mann.

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