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Guilherme Kastrup

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/guilhermekastrup

Дискография Guilherme Kastrup:

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Percussionist, drummer and producer, Guilherme Kastrup was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been living in São Paulo since 1993. He is a open mind musician that mixes influences, instruments and serveral musicans. In a rare and astonishing blend he is putting together tradition with contemporary, drums with toys, acoustic with electronic, creating a particular and unique sound, what Tom Zé called “kastrupismo”. Kastrup has been working with some of the most expressive artists of Brazilian Music, such as Chico Cesar, Arnaldo Antunes, Zizi Possi, Gal Costa, Adriana Calcanhoto, Vanessa da Mata, Zeca Baleiro, Ana Carolina, Elba Ramalho, Tom Zé as well as many international musicians such as Jorge Drexler (Uruguay), Roberto Fonseca (Cuba), Luis Pastor (Spain), Felipe Mukenga (Angola), Tokiko Kato (Japan) and Krishna Das (USA). As a musician, Kastrup has recorded more than 90 albums and, as producer, he signed critically acclaimed albums such as Andreia Dias' Vol 1 and Bruno Morais' A Vontade Superstar, Banda Glória' Convida Cristina Buarque, Ortinhos' Ilha do Destino, among others. At his own studio Toca do Tatu, he is currently working on Chico Lobo's new album, a great instrumentalist and composer from Minas Gerais (center of Brazil), Bruno Batistas' new album (from Maranhão – extreme north of Brazil) and a project called SOUKAST, a duo with master percussionist Simone Sou.

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