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Mandy Jordan

Mandy Jordan

Также известно как: Mandy
Группа в интернете: http://www.mandyjordan.net

Дискография Mandy Jordan:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Rolltypes 4 audio iTunes 2007-11-02 Vekton Musik
2 Summer Spirit 2005 3 audio iTunes 2005-08-04 Vekton Musik
3 Toni Funk 4 audio iTunes 2009-10-23 vekton musik
4 Me To You 6 audio iTunes 2010-10-15 Vekton Musik
5 Blackbird EP 5 audio iTunes 2011-03-25 Vee Recordings
6 Evita 4 audio iTunes 2011-04-29 vekton musik
7 The Lovely Place EP 6 audio iTunes 2011-07-29 Vee Recordings
8 Amanda’s Somewhere 4 audio iTunes 2012-03-09 Vekton Musik
9 Dandy Tracks A 3 audio iTunes 2012-03-16 Vekton Musik
10 Dandy Tracks B 3 audio iTunes 2012-05-11 Vekton Musik
11 Dandy Tracks C 3 audio iTunes 2012-10-05 Vekton Musik

If someone is dealing with deephouse, techno and dubmusic the probability is high to come across the name of Mandy Jordan. It is definitively not possible to pigeonhole her music as it is sometimes profound and very often minimal, hypnotic and just refreshing. She’s always keeping track on everything that’s going on in her musical surroundings and she also likes to have a look back into the past. Finally Mandy likes music which resides between techno and house. She is one of the kinds who formed and developed minimal techno especially in the eastern part of Germany. In the end that’s really not surprising as she and her boyfriend Daniel are having their own record and mp3 label for minimal and house music since already five years. Therefore Vekton Music and Vee Recordings became a very important part of her life. Since she turned 15 she went regularly to partys where she always got the main inspiration for her work. Mandy was born in Görlitz and she spent her youth in a couple of different cities in Germany. After she finished her studies of economics successfully she moved to Kamenz which is located pretty close to the main city of Dresden. In Kamenz she’s also having her office and appendant studio. Here she’s working on her music, taking care of all the label work as well as coordinating all of the bookings.

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