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Ivica Justin

Ivica Justin

Также известно как: I. Justin

Дискография Ivica Justin:

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Ivica Justin - Nifty (born 1929, Zagreb, Croatia) - still is a famous Croatian and foremost Zagreb songwriter, guitar player and musician. As an original "Zagreb - Boy" he started playing together with his younger brother Franjo called Kobac (see Braća Justin, engl. The Justin Brothers) around 1946. Later on he concentrated on adapting rather originally famous foreign "schlager songs" and chansons, a reason enough at those communist-regime-days to end up even in prison, what he actually did. He graduated from the Zagreb Music School together with [a=Stjepan "Jimmy" Stanić], [a=Krešimir Šipuš] and [a=Ozren Depolo]. He recorded only one record in 1987 - "Jedne noći bijaše petak", but rather than concentrating on record production, Nifty mingeled among ordinary Zagreb people and became famous for his popular performances at well known Zagreb restaurants and bars during the 60s and 70s. Still he was lucky enough to gain the opportunity to tour the world in his special way as musician.

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