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Ian Jordan

Ian Jordan

Также известно как: I Jordan, I. Jordan, Jordan
Группа в интернете: http://www.stageonemusic.co.uk

Дискография Ian Jordan:

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Date of Birth: 20th April 1976 Resides: Gravesend area of Kent. Majistrate has been DJ'ing since 1990, but has always kept a low key within the industry. After meeting Daz of Cyndicut FM back in 1993, the passion for the music grew stronger and Majistrate decided to produce for Daz's new found label Splash. This brought about Majistrate's first release in 1994. After various releases on Splash, Majistrate began to produce for a wider variety of labels including Interlective (DJ Trace's label), East Side, Brain and Juice. The producing progressed the DJ'ing with regular slots throughout the UK and on the radio. Although still a DJ, Majistrate's main focus is on producing Drum n Bass. His musical influences come from Jeff Mills, Grooverider, Joey Beltram and Dillinja. Today Majistrate stays ever faithful to Juice and Splash, but also producers for East Side.

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