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Ereshkigal (2)

Дискография Ereshkigal (2):

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Greek Black Metal band. The roots of this unholy creation can be found way back in 1988. A gathering of 5 blackened souls started by torturing musical instruments and the product was an ultra noisy and cacophonous pandemonium. A couple of years passed and the gathering gradually shaped itself into a project that adopted the name FLEGETHON, inspired by the legacy and myths of ancient Greece. The first product was a low budget demo that was recorded in just a matter of hours. The demo was named "Repugnant Blasphemy" and was released in February 1990. The sound was quite coarse and unrefined, nevertheless about 350 copies were circulated among the die-hard under-ground Black/Death metal scene. Another couple of years passed without anything else recorded. Then in early 1993, FLEGETHON entered a proper studio and recorded material for an EP. The "Doomed in Eternal Suffer-ing" EP was released in March 1993, on the Greek Molon Lave Records label. The first pressing of 500 numbered copies sold out within a month. Unfortunately, plans for repressings of the EP never became reality since the label went bust shortly after the initial release. The sound had progressed into something really extreme, massive and tight, a cross between Black/Death and Grind… Around this time, the project started falling apart and plans for further recordings and releases stopped. Marduk, the vocalist and one of the founders, didn't want to continue anymore and since he was the one responsible for naming the project, it all came to an end. But all was not over, not yet. Rotten Flesh, co-founder of the project, and Pinhead, who had taken part in the later stages of FLEGETHON and in the making of the EP, decided to continue with some new ideas. Several new songs had begun to materialise and the basis for a new creation was now formed. In 1994, it all came together, and Rotten Flesh baptised the new spawning with the name ERESHKIGAL. During the next couple of years a good number of songs took their final form and ERESHKIGAL felt ready for the recording of a full LP. And so it was done. In August 1996, Rotten Flesh and Pinhead, together with mastermind Foxxe (a legend in the Greek scene - remember FLAMES?), entered the studio to record 10 songs. And then a strike of unluck happened. The recording of all instruments and most vocal parts were almost completed, and at that point the studio was flooded and the master tapes severely damaged. That disaster meant that the whole project was frozen indefinitely. A long time passed since then, but our thirst for a new release was always there and could not be quenched. So, in 2002 we took the decision to try and salvage what we could, and enter a new studio (Encore Studios) and record all the parts we needed to complete the LP. It was a slow and hard process, but finally in mid 2003 we were satisfied that we had reached almost completion. The last touches, some additional intros and the final shaping of the cover, together with a remix and mastering took place during 2004-2005. All the recording and artwork expenses are financed by ourselves, and this is going to be the case with all Ereshkigal material so that we are sure it possesses the exact feeling we want, without any kind of outside interference. Our debut LP has now been released (1000 numbered copies only) through the new and brilliant independent label Temple of Darkness. It features a beautiful full colour gatefold cover, coloured vinyl; a high quality prod-uct to satisfy every die-hard vinyl maniac! We are not going to comment ourselves on the material this LP contains, we will only say that you are in for a surprise and that it will bring back memories from the very early steps of Black/Death/Thrash… We have just completed the recording and mastering of our next offering, which consists of 4 covers of old and famous songs plus a new version of our epic “The Raping Of The Divine” song. The covers are: Chemical Warfare (SLAYER), Fuck Of Death (SLAUGHTER), The 7 Gates Of Hell (VENOM) and Locomotive Breath (JETHRO TULL). The songs will be released in the near future in the format of a double 7” EP/MLP or MCD. Our future plans include the recording of new songs, which will be featured in our next 2 albums, “The Erevos Arisen” and “The Æetherial Testimony”. The recording of “The Erevos Arisen” is already under way and we are planning a release in the following months. We are aiming for an even more tight sound, emphasising on heaviness and of course keeping alive the ancient spirit of the old days. We hope to cooperate again with Temple of Darkness and rest assured our releases will be of the highest standard. Band members: Rotten Flesh, Pinhead, Nigel Foxxe ERESHKIGAL-... Covers MLP (currently unreleased) (Recorded July/August 2007, mixed and mastered September 2007) Track list: 1) Chemical Warfare (SLAYER), 2) Fuck Of Death (SLAUGHTER), 3) The 7 Gates Of Hell (VENOM), 4) Locomotive Breath (JETHRO TULL), 5) The Raping Of The Divine (new version 2007) Contact at: grereshkigal[at]yahoo[dot]gr

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