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Garth Hewitt

Также известно как: G. Hewitt
Группа в интернете: http://www.garthhewitt.org/

Дискография Garth Hewitt:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 I Never Knew Life Was In Full Technicolor... Till I Saw It On A Silver Screen 11 audio iTunes 1974 Myrrh
2 The Lion And The Lamb 12 audio iTunes 1973 Myrrh
3 I'm Grateful 11 audio iTunes 1978 Myrrh
4 Did He Jump... Or Was He Pushed? 11 audio iTunes 1979 Patch Records
5 Love Song For The Earth 12 audio iTunes 1976 Myrrh
6 Record Of The Weak 12 audio iTunes 1982 Tear Fund
7 Under The Influence 12 audio iTunes 1981 Marshalls
8 Love Song For The Earth 12 audio iTunes 1978 Myrrh
9 Road To Freedom 10 audio iTunes 1983 Myrrh
10 Alien Brain 10 audio iTunes 1985 Myrrh
11 Love Song For The Earth 12 audio iTunes 1976 Myrrh
12 The Hungry Wind 2 audio iTunes 1982 Blue Moon
13 The Best Of 15 audio iTunes 1980 Myrrh
14 Chain Of Love 4 audio iTunes 1990 Church Missionary Society

Singer, songwriter and author Garth Hewitt has been writing and recording songs for 40+ years, and has released nearly 40 albums. During his tours has visited areas of poverty, conflict, deprivation, and disaster, prioritizing friendships with local people and bringing them encouragement, but always returning to Europe and the US with personal stories bringing to life media headlines, keeping individual’s stories at the forefront when newspapers have forgotten, and challenging the privileged to share, and to join the protest against injustice. He has written nine books. A complete music disography is at http://www.garthhewitt.org/category/garth-hewitt/music/

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