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Gaz Pe Foc

Также известно как: GpF
Члены группы Gaz Pe Foc: Andrei Roșu, Lucian Viziru, Realini Lupșa
Группа в интернете: http://www.formula-as.ro/2000/397/asii-adolescentilor-3/drumul-spre-inima-ta-gaz-pe-foc-1157

Дискография Gaz Pe Foc:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Rebel 12 audio iTunes 1994 Not On Label
2 Drumul Spre Inima Ta / Lasă-mă Să Te Iubesc 25 audio iTunes 1999 Cat Music
3 orGAZm 10 audio iTunes 1997 Alpha Sound

Romanian band. In autumn 1992, three young from Bucharest (Andrei Roşu, Lucian Viziru and Răzvan Iacob), high school students "Jean Monnet", with the common passion to music, decide it's time for the songs that compose them in play (on a flip for amateur) bear the signature of a band. They chose the name ''Gaz Pe Foc''("Gas on the Fire") because they wanted a nice name, easy to remember, in romanian, allowing them to "walk" through all styles and, last but not least, to represent 100 %. Music penetrating, exciting rhythms of rap and house music, funny texts - inspired by the problems their students: attitudes, personality crisis, love, sex, teachers, etc.. - The band have made a strong impact among high school peers and, thus, their stage debut took place in June 1993 to end of year prom. Year 1995 brings a first change of the band. Dental student with italian origins, realign Alin Lupşa becomes the fourth ''Gaz Pe Foc''. In December 1997, the boys decide they are mature enough to launch and promote their debut album "OrGAZmix" In 1999, Paul Panait joined ''Gaz Pe Foc'' after phone call from [l52097]. For four years he composed almost all the music.He left the group in 2002 to launch his solo career. The year 2000 represented for the four boys, was a year of change, the year they started to play live, every show Bucharest or province (as taken from the four after some discussion about what it means respect for the public and fans), the year they released the first album formula Alin Lupşa, Andrei Roşu, Lucian Viziru and Paul Panait. In 2002 Paul Panait left the band and joined Dragoş Stănescu for allmoust 2 years Andrei Roşu left the band. After 6 albums, in 2004 the band was splitted.

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