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Loic D

Loic Ducatillon

Также известно как: Loïc D, Loïc.D, Loic-D, Loic.D, Mr LD, Mr. D
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/loiicd, http://www.myspace.com/mrdofficiel

Дискография Loic D:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 D-Struction 3 audio iTunes 2008-06-16 Harder Records
2 Fusion 3 audio iTunes 2009 X-Trabass
3 Everybody 3 audio iTunes 2010-04-02 Lobostyle
4 This Is My Hard Generation 14 audio iTunes 2010-04-07 Hard Generation
5 Electrik Nation 2 audio iTunes 2013-03-04 Hard Generation

At the 16 years age, Ducatillion Loïc began these first exits in Seven. Its attention turned immediately to the techno. GREG C DJ, resides of this limps, gave him the desire for boring in this style of music. It is then, which it decided to take as pseudo “LOIC.D” and to launch out in the composition of music’s and to test the mix. It proposed then these titles with GREEK C, which decided to trust him and to leave its first EP, which is the HARDER-RECORD 10 “D-STUCTION” by LOIC.D & VEK feat KOMY, left in April 2008 in the vats. This first title was an enormous success. LOIC.D was made known also thanks to its famous mega mix, and with many other music’s such as “COCAINE, MELODY OF WORLD, FUCK IT…” played per much DJ in many discotheques. JACKY CORE decided in its turn to bring its assistance to LOIC.D, while leaving to him a EP under pseudo “THE KILLER”. In March 2008, comes then its first residence to the CUBE, discotheque located at Blaton in Belgium. LOIC.D will spend two happy new years over there, which will enable him to be able to improve its techniques of mix, to acquire a little more insurance and of being able to be made its name in this medium. Thanks to that, a second residence arrives quickly in the largest club of Europe, which is not other than “the CAP' TAIN”. LOIC.D will then be accommodated by a team exceptional, or it will feel immediately in its place. But will know all the same which LOIC.D also took part in many events such as “OH STYLE”, “SUMMERBEATZ”, “THE OH ON TOUR”… and mixed in the many ones limp French and Belgian like “THE SEVEN”, “THE CAP' TAIN”, “THE TREMPLIN”, “THE OH”, “THE COMPLEX”, “CHERRY MOON” and so much of others… The most important remainder to come because LOIC.D is spirit to assemble its own label, in collaboration with its production company “KYTEZO”, which will have as an exit very soon its first album which is entitled “THIS IS MY HARD GENERATION”. Thanks with the people who supported it: [His wife, Greg, Jacky, Vek, Pedros, Joh, Jimmy, Guillaume, Will, Arnaud, max, Ronald, G-dee-g, his family and all those which he forgot.]

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