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Dennis Julian Krimpelbein

Группа в интернете: http://www.murasame-music.com/, http://www.soundcloud.com/murasame, http://www.myspace.com/murasamemusic, http://www.youtube.com/murasamemusic

Дискография Murasame:

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Murasame early encountered music and especially electronic music. By his older sister, he was able to listen to bands like Depeche Mode, Camouflage and Michael Jackson. Later Synthesizer Greatest Hits was his music of choice. In 1992 he listened his first "Techno"-Tracks which were U96 - Das Boot and LA Style - James Brown is dead. By then he was looking for everything similar to that kind of songs. In 1995 again something new came into his life. A compilation called Thunderdome which featured Hardcore Techno satisfied him! Hardcore had even more energy than his til then favoured style Techno. In 1998 he started producing his own tracks, because he wasn't able to get any new hardcore compilations and was in the erroneous belief, that his favoured music was dead. His tracks were actually created for his own listening pleasure, because he just creates his tracks the way he likes music. By 2001 he started doing other styles like Hardtrance, Acid and even normal Techno. Then 2004 he took his first steps on trying Hardtechno and Darkcore, which in 2006 finally came to success. By the last years, Murasame got to know of many new electronic music styles to satisfy his longing for good music.

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