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Marvin Siau

Группа в интернете: http://www.starvin.be/

Дискография Marvin Siau:

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Belgian artist born 2nd November 1957, Wetteren, Belgium, Europe. He started playing guitar at age 13, then shortly went to music school at age 15 and had guitar lessons from [a1404984]. 1975-1979 : He was member of the experimental psychedelic rockband [a279015] which didn't produce any recording of their own, except on a Compilation-LP called "The first Belgian Punk Contest". 1980-1982 : After Trampolino Marvin became friends with the blonde singer [a552349] and performed a lot with him as an acoustic duo, also his first radio and tv appearances. Later they raised The [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/2414598-Luc-Brals-Plastic-Dreamband]Plastic Dreamband[/url] and released a few records, but the dream didn't last. 1982-1986 : Marvin meets [a45646] who invented for him the nickname [a746553] because he was so thin you could pull him under the door. Marvin started writing songs varying blues, rock and reggae to a style of his own and rapidly developped a solo-career. 1994-2004 : For more than a decade Marvin has been off and on the compagnon of Kevin Ayers as a guitarist, keyboard player, producer of demo's, librarian, .....

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