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Zoltán Végh

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/zolend

Дискография Zolend:

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Zolend ( Zoltán Végh) was born in 1985, in Kaposvár, Hungary.Since the early days when his friends were still interested in, the at the time popular music formations, he was already sure, that his taste requires something different, since he was listening with passion to electronic music. First he was interested in various types of music trends, but finally he stumbled upon a John Digweed set which was taken him definitely to the music he wanted not only to listen, but to perform, too. He got to know N-Drew( Gömöri Endre) in 2004. It figured out, that they both have common interests in the field of music, so they decided, after installing their first more serious program, to cooperate in the discovery about the secret of the music preparation. Fortunately he got and still gets a lot of pieces of advice from friends such as Retroid( Ádám Huszár), Bohumil (Tamás Bogdán), Rhombus (Roland Lovag).

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