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Adrian Butterfield

Группа в интернете: http://www.rcm.ac.uk/strings/professors/profile/?id=5039, http://www.belsizebaroque.org.uk/page22.htm

Дискография Adrian Butterfield:

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Classical violinist, director and conductor, born in London. A former chorister of St. Paul's Cathedral and a graduate of Trinity College Cambridge, he is Musical Director of the Tilford Bach Society and Associate Musical Director of the London Handel Festival. He also regularly directs the London Handel Orchestra and Players and the Theatre of Early Music, Montreal. He leads several chamber ensembles: the London Handel Players who perform regularly at the Wigmore Hall, the Revolutionary Drawing Room and The [a1330642]. He is Professor of Baroque Violin at the Royal College of Music. He is married to the period-instrument flautist and recorder player [a836756].

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