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Alberto Grazzi

Дискография Alberto Grazzi:

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Classical bassoonist. He studied the bassoon at Reggio Emilia and Milan, where he graduated in 1987. In 1985 he was invited to join the European Baroque Orchestra and from then on has been active, both as an orchestral player and as a soloist, in many European orchestras such as London Baroque, Concentus Musicus Wien, The English Baroque Soloists or Le Concert des Nations. He has been a member of Il Giardino Armonico, and since 1990 he has been principal bassoon of The English Concert. Together with his brother [a1689553] and [a1362383] he founded Ensemble Zefiro in 1989, an ensemble devoted to rediscovering and performing wind repertoire from the 18th Century.

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