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Tibor Yuzo Coimbra

Tibor Yuzo Coimbra

Группа в интернете: www.tibor.com.br, www.soundcloud.com/tiboryuzo

Дискография Tibor Yuzo Coimbra:

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Tibor Yuzo is one of the DJ's pioneers in electronic music production in Brazil. He worked with the forerunners of the remix in Brazil in the early 90's: Gregão, Sylvio Müller and Iraí Campos. In 1999 he produced together with DJ Ricardo Coppini a dance project named Ricco Robit, the first major success of dance music in his country and remained for 9 consecutive months in the top 30 charts of dance magazines, nightclubs and radios in Brazil. Since then has been working anonymously and through other artists of national dance scene, with names that include Dalimas, Daytona, Klauss, House Liberty and many others, accounting for around 100 commercially released productions in Brazil and some abroad.

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