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Giampiero Scalamogna

Также известно как: G. Scalamogna, G.Scalamogna, Gepy, Scalamogna, Sergepy

Дискография Giampiero Scalamogna:

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Italian singer and songwriter (Rome, June 13, 1943 - † July 3, 2010) who used the pseudonym [i]Sergepy[/i] as author. He started singing at 16, but become a professional singer only in 1965 by attending the[i]Piper Club[/i] in Rome. In this huge nightclub where many singers have emerged he met [a=Daniela Casa] (wife of musician [a=Remigio Ducros], mother of singer [a=Valentina Ducros]) forming the duo [i]Dany & Gepy[/i] specializing in covers of soul and R&B singers. Signing himself as [a=Gepy & Gepy] in 1967, alone. The name later became a hallmark for all aficionados of genre soul & disco formin' a duo or a trio of which are part in live and TV show talented Italian-Eritrean singer [a=Melissa (33)] Chimenti and blonde Marcella Petrelli.

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