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Mario Araceli

Группа в интернете: http://www.idj.cz/echito/

Дискография Mario Araceli:

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This DJ and producer comes from České Budějovice, where he was born in 1989. To his favourite hobbies we could include Music, which is his love, since he was young. First time, when he has seen the programme Impulsive-Tracker, he was 6 years only. His older brother helped him with this work. To 2003 he wasn´t famous, but everything was changed with his first album "Blood Rayne", which he got his friends.. The people really love him because of his style of music and they were were pleased, when Mario released the new album "Talker Is Dead", which opened the door to the world of DJing in 2005! In The same year he released his first promi mix vol.01 and sampler electric wave with the label coprecords. He released home samplers "Two Killing Caths","Mirrored Phenomena" and the continuation of promo mixes! In this time the sample under Naked RECORDS was released. Next year Mario plans lots of new samplers, compilation and cd. He cooperates with DJ Jordy, Streamer, Basslicker, who met in 2003. His favourite czech artists are Lucca, M. Burian, Orbith, Lucash etc. World artists - Filterheadz, Axel Karakasis, Umek, Kobaya, Marcel Woods, Antoine Clamaran, Sander Von Door, Whebba, Alibi vs. Rocketfeller, Trentemoller, Joop, Above & Beyond etc.

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