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Mark Maierhoffer

Mark Christian Maierhoffer

Также известно как: M. Maierhoffer, Mark M.

Дискография Mark Maierhoffer:

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Mark left Music College in 1980 for an opportunity to become a high paid session musician in Los Angeles (the first producer he worked for was [a=Robert Margouleff].) In 1981 he co-wrote and played guitar on [r1647568] and in 82’ he co-wrote “Rudy” performed by [a17961]. In 1982 he helped form the new wave synthpop band [a1241335] with [a332555] - the band lasted until 1984. Also in 84' he released a New Age album “Lunar Asylum” on the obscure En Pointe label. After this release he changed his artistname to Mark Christian.

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