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Keith Grant (2)

Arthur Keith Evans

Также известно как: Grant, Keith Grant Evans
Группа в интернете: http://www.angelfire.com/rock3/yardbird_sect/secthistory1.html

Дискография Keith Grant (2):

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Evans was originally a drummer when he responded to a music ad placed by Mick O'Donnell, who had disbanded his group the Downliners in 1963 after a disastrous French tour. But O'Donnell already had drummer Johnny Sutton, so Evans agreed to become the bass-player in the new band. Guitarist Terry Gibson was recruited from the Orpington band The Hoods, replacing an earlier guitarist. Along with the new band name Downliners Sect, O'Donnell and Evans decided to change their performing names to Don Craine and Keith Grant (2) respectively, although they retained their real names in writing/arranging credits.

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