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Dave Andersson

Группа в интернете: http://www.reverbnation.com/kulshanrecordings, https://www.facebook.com/DawnchaserTheAdventurer, http://www.soundcloud.com/dawnchaser, http://www.mixcloud.com/VentureMusic

Дискография Dawnchaser:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Cloudrunners 3 audio iTunes 2008-04-14 Ocean Drive Records
2 Horizon's End 2 audio iTunes 2008-07-14 Ocean Drive Records
3 Loud Enough 3 audio iTunes 2008-07-14 Ocean Drive Records
4 Téli Este 2 audio iTunes 2008-07-31 Ocean Drive Records
5 Bella Luna 4 audio iTunes 2008-12-03 Multitude Music
6 Fly Toward The Sun 14 audio iTunes 2010-09-06 Multitude Music
7 Tough Enough 4 audio iTunes 2008-07-31 Ocean Drive Records
8 5477 Ft. (The Spirit Of Adventure Mix) 4 audio iTunes 2012-07-28 Kulshan Recordings
9 Follow The Sunrise (Opus I) 3 audio iTunes 2012-08-01 Kulshan Recordings
10 Bella Luna 4 audio iTunes 2012-08-03 Kulshan Recordings
11 Cascade Highway 4 audio iTunes 2012-10-12 Axwax Records

Born in the forests of California, and raised in the mountains of Washington, Dawnchaser is an Adventurer, Producer, Explorer, and DJ. Since 2005, he's been on a mission to bring the world the Spirit Of Adventure, and take mankind on an epic journey. Producing since 2004, the music he makes spans everything from his hard & epic Adventure Trance, to breakbeats, and ambient, and has more recently begun forays into the trippy world of Psytrance as Amiranu, his Full On & Progressive alter ego. Since 2007, he's released a steady stream of singles and EPs between Ocean Drive Records and Multitude Music (now numbering over a dozen), spanning 3 aliases, all culminating in his first studio album, Fly Toward The Sun on Multitude Music. His releases have been played, podcasted, and featured on radio shows all across the world, and in addition to his own years working as a radio DJ in California and Washington, he has been a featured guest on Aah.fm. The Dawnchaser live act is a blistering tempest of sound, where everything from Epic & Hard Trance, to Tech Trance, Breaks, Drum n Bass, Techno, Electro, Progressive, and Hard Dance is fair game. Refusing to be neatly pigeon-holed, while dropping monster tune after monster tune (and mixing tracks using random body parts), has earned him a place among the Pacific Northwest's top Trance DJs. When Dawnchaser hits the decks, there's no telling where the journey will take you. All you can do is be ready for the ride.

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