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Tom Zacharias (2)

Дискография Tom Zacharias (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Belinda 28 audio iTunes 2011-04-15 Subliminal Sounds
2 Belinda 12 audio iTunes 1975 SB
3 Belinda 12 audio iTunes 1975 L-F Svecia

Tom Zacharias was born in Stockholm 1948 and happened to attended the same private school as the soon to become Swedish king, Carl Gustav. Tom spent a lot of time playing tennis and got a ranking as of the top elite junior tennis player in 1963. But he soon left the sports world embarking instead on the gloomy road of a struggling actor struggling actor and Lenny Bruce-esque performance artist, arrested for urinating on his audience at a posh performance space. Tom Zacharias is a Swedish pin-up boy of 1970, described as a “hairy lion” with a “charming smile and virile charm”. Tom Zacharias is a controversial recording star, with a murderous keyboardist that comes to the studio in handcuffs with a police escort. Tom Zacharias has the biggest Swedish funk record of 1975, Belinda, and it can only be bought through porn shops and mail-order ads in men’s magazines. Tom Zacharias is an award-winning children’s music performer, squashed into obscurity by the unstoppable Smurfs. Tom Zacharias is a kooky television personality and star of a bizarre televized enema championship. The amazing first six tracks on the album Belinda are in English, recorded for a North American version of Belinda that was to be sold through Hustler and Screw. However, no one bothered to convert their dollars into Krona and the album never sold a single copy. Thus, these rare English recordings of Zacharias’ ridiculously explicit funk masterpieces had never been heard until Subliminal Sounds re-issued the album in 2004.

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