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Neil Goldberg

Neil Brian Goldberg

Также известно как: Goldberg, N. Goldberg, Neil M. Goldberg
Группа в интернете: http://lpintop.tripod.com/oldiesconnection/id69.html, http://www.rememberamerica.net/

Дискография Neil Goldberg:

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Neil Brian Goldberg is an accomplished musician, songwriter, arranger, producer, radio host, writer, and activist originally from Philadelphia. In 1970, Neil wrote 32 songs for the TV show "Archie's Funhouse." Neil has also written songs for such notables as [a=Monkees, The], [a=Tom Jones], [a=Dusty Springfield], [a=Richie Havens], and many others. Later in his life, Neil owned a successful computer store in Santa Cruz, California. In the 1990's, he became the host on KSCO radio for a show called "In the Spirit," which had a large following. He has also been politically active in conservative causes — especially pro-life causes, for which he wrote the song called "Almost Born," about partial-birth abortion.

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