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Candace Smith

Дискография Candace Smith:

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American singer, born in Los Angeles living in Europe since 1975 (in Italy since 1978). She was active in the field of contemporary music before specializing in medieval music in the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis under [a=Andrea von Ramm]. In Italy she studied with the singer [a=Cathy Berberian], among others. She has worked with various ensembles of early music including Sequentia (Cologne) and P.A.N. (Boston). Her first experience with early music composed by women was with her own ensemble, Concerto delle Dame (1978-89). In 1991 she founded Cappella Artemisia, an ensemble of women whose repertoire is the music of Italian convents of the 16th and 17th centuries. She is also active as a teacher throughout Europe, working with singers of varying repertoires, actors, music teachers and, most recently, psychiatric patients.

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