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Gentle Nite

Nikolay Semenov & Grigory Zelenkov

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/nielsdj, http://www.myspace.com/djgrishagreen

Дискография Gentle Nite:

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In 2007, after several years of successful solo works, two gifted DJs from Saint-Petersburg – Niels and Grisha Green – decided to create a joint electronic project named Gentle Nite. From the very first months of the project's activity it held the house-music spotlight thanks to its remix of a popular hit from a Swedish project named Brismoux. The track became sought-after not only in the West, but in Russia as well, the moment it was released on a popular series of Record Club compilations. Remixes for two DJs – Alex Romano and Leonid Rudenko – who are popular beyond the Russian border, continue the emerging success. In 2008 the Gentle Nite duo collaborated actively with Russian and CIS-based sound producers, which resulted in new remixes for Danila & Bobrov, Nick Glamour and Roman Pafos. Many big-name western artists, such as DJ Antoine, Mad Mark, Chris Ortega, Micha Moor, Doc Phatt, Chris Montana, Houseshakers and many others found the sound of Gentle Nite to their taste. Thus it is no coincidence that the remix of the world-famous track, Keep On Rising, became one of the best six remixes selected personally by Ian Carey and the GFAB Records team, chosen from a total of 508 received versions; afterwards, it was released on the internationally known Spinnin Records. It was a remix for the world-renowned German label Milk & Sugar Records that pushed the project further to its ultimate across-the-board recognition; the remix was released together with works of Milk & Sugar and Ruben Alvarez. However, the guys from Gentle Nite are not planning to rest on their laurels. Ahead is their own vocal single, which will include remixes from the top European DJs and their new remixes for Western and Russian labels. In short – this is just the beginning... !

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