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Parts Of Speech

Члены группы Parts Of Speech: Ambush The Animated, Dos Noun, Verbal Tec

Дискография Parts Of Speech:

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Ambush the Animated moved to Philadelphia to go to college in 1999. There he met Verbal Tec, a rapper from Baltimore who was also attending college in Philadelphia. Verbal Tec joined the crew. Dos-Noun moved to Philadelphia the following year. Together, they formed the Parts of Speech. The Parts of Speech frequently performed in Philadelphia, and toured the East Coast. They established themselves as excellent live showman, and released an album entitled "The Rhyme Scheme" in 2001. Later that year, the group released a single featuring the songs "Constructive Criticism," "The Situation," and "Apartment 420." Ambush the Animated (now known as Timothy Brindle) left the Parts of Speech in 2002 after a sudden conversion to Christianity. The Parts of Speech exist now as a duo, consisting of Dos-Noun and Verbal Tec. They continue to perform.

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