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Adrian Flux

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Дискография Adrian Flux:

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Adrian Flux started Djing at Age 11 in 1991. He played his first gigs in 1994 when experiencing the beginning of the Rave-scene in Upperaustria, which was one of the first strongholds in electronic music at that time in Europe. In 1998 he organized his own Partys together with the guys of Visions of Pegasus; in this year he began to work on his own electronic music-compositions too. In 2000 he moved to Dubcity Vienna and brought his more hardedge styles to the urban public. He made his own Partys there, as there are "Klub Mukke" and the "Sternsofa" and in 2005 he became a member of the Houztekk-Crew which he still supports form his new Hometown Berlin were he went to in 2009; Berlin, the city he always dreamed of to live since he visited it first in 1995 for the Love Parade back then. He worked and is working for and together with several Radiostations in Austria as there are: Play.fm, E-Verteiler and Radio Ohm. In Berlin he is currently launching a eventmanaging/booking-agancy and still en route for Play.fm. Together with that he just finished his studies in Philosophy and concentrates on writing and arranging public readings called Die Lese. From 2001 on he had some releases of his own music on Streetforward, Gout Delicieux Records, Eigentum ist Diebstahl Records and 4Beat Records. He is a member of Usonia too, where he can fulfill his claim of making some live act-sounds. In the 18 years of Djing, 15 years of Club experience he got to know many different styles in electronic music; from Downbeat and Trip Hop, Nujazz and Broken Beats, Deep House, Chicago House and Technhouse, over Breaks and Uptempo-tracks, to Minimal, Techno and Electro. A "hobbyhorse" of his was always experimental-, electronica- and IDM-stuff; he is a quiet dynamic -playing Dj who likes to bring together different kinds of music - synthetic sounds with soul in it; the organic searched in the machine - brought to the dancefloor in a honest way; honest sounds for people that like to party hard honestly!

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