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Marcello De Martino

Также известно как: D. Martino, De Martino, M. De Martino, M. de Martīno, M.o De Martino, M.o Marcello De Martino, Martino, M° De Martino
Группа в интернете: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcello_De_Martino

Дискография Marcello De Martino:

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Marcello De Martino (Roma, June 18, 1932 - † Roma, July 7, 1983) Marcello De Martino was an Italian light music orchestra conductor, working especially on Rai in 60's and 70's. He experienced notoriety when he conducted 1960 Festival di Sanremo's orchestra, then he worked for radio and television at first conducting the second theme song for "Carosello" since 1963 until 1976 (the one with Italian towns), then for twelve years he was the official conductor of the famous radio show "Gran Varietà" where he was also composer of the starting themes and of the theme which introduced singers and actors. He collaborated also with Gino Bramieri as a conductor for the radio show "Batto Quattro" and for the TV show "Hai visto mai?" in 1973 with Lola Falana.

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