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Lorenz Peters

Lorenz Peter

Также известно как: Lorenz
Группа в интернете: http://lorenzpeter.blogspot.ca/

Дискография Lorenz Peters:

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Lorenz Peter is an electronic musician & well known comic artist living in Toronto, Canada. Producing underground comics since 1993, published by Pedlar Press & Conundrum. Lorenz's first band The Things, were a 3 piece synth heavy psychedelic rock band active in Vancouver & Toronto in 1993-95. Lorenz then joined shock rock poet, Corpusse in 1996. This union is on-going, though Corpusse is mainly a solo artist. In 2006-11, LP formed Bay Of Creatures with local painter Jay Isaac, producing 2 full length independent. albums. Bay Of Creatures remained primarily a recording project. It was in 2011 that LP hooked up with M Joakim and began the dark noise electro duo Processor. Lorenz also produces electro-psych music with Heiki from Paper+Sound as Les Fontaines since 2009. Other on-going projects include Off World with Sandro Perri & Lorenz's small record boutique called LP's LPs in down- Town Toronto.

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