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Dying Embrace

Дискография Dying Embrace:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Era Of Tribulation 18 audio iTunes 2012-12-26 Armée De La Mort Records
2 Era Of Tribulation 18 audio iTunes 2013-01-13 Armée De La Mort Records
3 Through Corridors Of Dead Centuries 10 audio iTunes 2014 Cyclopean Eye Productions

Dying Embrace is a Primitive Death / Doom Metal band from Bangalore, formed in around 1991, originally formed under the name 'Misanthrope'. They changed the name to 'Dying Embrace' in 1996. The band split up in 2002 and reformed in 2011. The band is undoubtedly the very first Indian Extreme Metal band. With the advent of international interest the band signed to the French concern 'Legion of Death Records' to re-releases the Grotesque EP with two new tracks. This also saw the addition of the US label 'Bestial Onslaught' also with it thus letting them re-issue 'Serenades of Depravity' for the North American market in 2003. They have released a discography CD titled "Era of Tribulation" on Legion of Death Records (France) in December 2012 consisting the 'Serenades of Depravity' and both the EP's - 'Grotesque and 'Misanthrope.

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