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David Williams (18)

David Michael Williams

Также известно как: D. Williams, David, David Michael Williams
Группа в интернете: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmichaelwilliams, http://soundcloud.com/beautiful-supermachines, http://www.beautifulsupermachines.com/

Дискография David Williams (18):

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David is a Dallas, Texas musician/producer/mixer who was in Texas' first punk band, [a=Vomit Pigs] (1975-'77), as well as The Frenetics (early '80s), Weder/Noch, and Self Is On The Throne. He co-founded the noise/hip-hop group [a=Decadent Dub Team] in 1987. Other groups he was in included Fudge Factory, Reverend Mike, Taint, Bush Camp ([a=Jungle Brothers]-related), JAMCO, YourSlaveLabor and he is currently in [a=Beautiful Supermachines]. He served as beat-maker, multi-instrumentalist and co-writer of backing tracks on the lost [a=Jungle Brothers] album "[a=Crazy Wisdom Masters]" (which turned into 1993's "J Beez Wit Tha Remedy"). David did mixes and edits for the record labels [l=FFRR], [l=London Records], and [l=Polygram] for two years in the early 1990s, for artists such as [a=One Dove], [a=Utah Saints], [a=Goldie], and [a=East 17]. In 1991, he co-scored the film "Livin' Large" with [a=Herbie Hancock], and, in 1998, he provided the score to the John Loggia film "Live Free And Die". He is currently a freelance producer and audio mixer, and also masters recordings. He most recently remixed a song off the new 2011 album from [a=Clinic]. Contact: david.amnesia@gmail.com | (512) 426-7560

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