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Agent KR

Antonio Garcia Moya

Дискография Agent KR:

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Agent KR (Antonio García Moya) was born in 1980 in Seville (Spain). Since the mid 90's he has been involved in the rave scene, atracted by the music of The Prodigy, Luna C, Slipmatt, Alert & Slammer and the oldskool hardcore vibe. He got into the Hardcore Breaks/Nu-rave movement getting involved in gigs organisation & promotion as a member of Sunshine Crew. It was not only untill 2007 when he decided to take up music production. A year later, in 2008, he published his first release and since them he has been producing tunes for the most relevant Hardcore Breaks, Nu-rave and Rave Breakz labels such as Can You Feel It Media, Hardcore Lives or Sharkfin Records. Heavily influenced by oldskool hardcore sounds and loving to explore all the different styles inside the electronic music, he tries to mix the oldskool flavour and vibe with the most upfront tenencies such as trance, house or electro. Also his tracks have been played in radio stations such as BBC RAdio 1, Breakpirates, Breaks FM or Nu-Rave Radio.

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