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Jonah Rapino

Также известно как: Jonah Eathan Rapino, Jonah Rupino
Группа в интернете: http://www.jonahrapino.com/

Дискография Jonah Rapino:

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Composer and multi-instrumentalist Johah Rapino is noted for his work in Devil Music / the Devil Music Ensemble (DME) and the New Millennium String Ensemble, as well as the Ethiopian funk Debo Band. As a member of DME, he plays electric violin & viola, analog synth, vibraphone, erhu, and lap steel, and has composed, performed, and conducted a number of original modern classical style compositions at a series of concerts by DME in Boston. Rapino has also developed a career independently scoring films. Originally from Toledo Ohio, Jonah Rapino received his Bachelors Fine Arts in Classical Music Performance from Boston University.

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