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Также известно как: T-Short (Cosmin, Carmen)
Члены группы T-Short: Carmen Ionescu, Cosmin Murea, Eric Stoica
Группа в интернете: http://t-short.tk/, http://enciclopediaromaniei.ro/wiki/T-Short, http://www.facebook.com/carmen.tshort, http://krmen.ro

Дискография T-Short:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Noapte De Vis 12 audio iTunes 1996-12-19 Claxon (2)
2 Nimeni Nu Ne Va Despărţi 12 audio iTunes 2006-12-16 Zoom Studio

t-Short is the first music band from Romania that has adopted dance genre. Their musical work is homogeneous, being mainly focused on love and strong feelings that can bind a couple. Band name, written with a small "t", is based on the habit of its members to write "terra" with small initial letter, as a symbolic protest against the ecological disasters caused by humans. Also, from the first album, they took the nickname of "Love Messengers". They are from Bucharest and founded the band in October 1994. In 1995 came their first hit, called "Noapte de Vis" (Dream Night). They were discovered by "The New Generation Foundation", which has helped them to assert themselves on the Romanian musical market and to issue their first album in June 1996 ("Noapte de Vis" (Dream Night)). It sold over 100,000 copies (official ones). A national concert tour followed imediatly. t-Short was also the first Romanian dance band to appear on a foreign television, MCM France, with the song "Noapte de Vis" (techno remix). The next four years were the most successfull for the band, who started to produce its own materials. Many times, their concerts on stadiums and concert halls in Bucharest were sellouts. t-Short's second album, entitled "Enigma Nopţii" (The Enigma of the Night), was promoted by a humanitarian concert on a stadium. In 1998 they were among the first Romanian dance bands to be present in the Mamaia Songcontest Festival with the song "Te Rog Nu Pleca!" (Please, Don't Go!). Also, the song "Spune-Mi" (Tell Me) was nominated at the Ballantines prizes, in "the best dance band" category. 1999 has been the apogee of the band. Among many other concerts, Cosmin, Eric and Carmen sang in the opening of the 2Unlimited concert which took place in Sibiu, during the Festival of Adolescents. In 2000 t-Short has released a third album, entitled "Ochii Tăi" (Your Eyes), produced by A&A Records. The lack of promotion, the fact that the band members were not satisfied with the album, and misunderstandings between them led to the disbanding of t-Short. In 2005 two of the three original members of the band (the third being left permanently in the U.S.) have decided to sing again under the t-Short name. They worked together with Laurenţiu Duţă, George Călin and Rolando Vasilescu for a new album. Also, they began to introduce short ballet and theatrical moments in their performances, in order to bring more artistic originality to their love songs. Thus, t-Short is the first band to introduce a cultural event in the Romanian dance music. Their new album, entitled "Nimeni Nu Ne Va Despărţi" (Nobody Will Tear Us Apart) was released on 16 December 2006 in Râmnicu Vâlcea. Currently only Carmen is still active in the music field with a new project under the name Krmen(http://krmen.ro). Eric Stoica emigrated to the U.S and Cosmin Murea married with Alina, daughter of a wealthy businessman in Ramnicu Valcea, who helped to make more profitable investment clubs night and even hotels abroad.

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