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Rudimentals, The (2)

Barry Clausen, Damian Staz, Etienne Harris, Duane Heydenrych, Milandro Mapengo & Teboho Maidza

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/rudimentalsafroska

Дискография Rudimentals, The (2):

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The Rudimentals are paving the way to a new South African sound. They have blended the essential, tried and trusted elements of Ska with both rural and urban African music. With its roots still firmly planted in the Jamaican dance halls of the 60's, the band have fused ingredients of the local, like Zimbabwean cultural music and Goema, with the familiar back beat of Ska. This contemporary combination makes the music both accessible and fresh. The wicked final product being African Ska. Like Ska music itself, the band has a long and gregarious history, as one would expect from eight musicians, each with their own story to tell. The founding members of the band were bass player, Barry Clausen (a former member of Tundra), along with Damian Staz, now from ([a=Freshlyground], and Namaqua), guitarist, Etienne Harris (Tundra), drummer, Duane Heydenrych and keyboard player, Milandro Mapengo. This crew met and glued with Zimbabwean talent Teboho "Teboes" Maidza, a born and bred artist who learned a trick or two from performing with the likes of Andy Brown and Oliver Madzukuzi. Out of this highly talented gathering rose The Rudimentals. Their first gig at the Jam, opening for Hog Hoggidy Hog, proved to all, including the band, that they have what it takes, not only to make accomplished and ripping music, but also to entertain and get an audience skanking like no other.

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