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Roberts Bros, The

Peter Roberts & Jimmy Roberts

Члены группы Roberts Bros, The: Jimmy Roberts, Peter Roberts
Группа в интернете: http://www.therobertsbros.com/main.htm

Дискография Roberts Bros, The:

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The Roberts Bros were formed in 1999 when [a=Peter Roberts] and [a=Jimmy Roberts] decided to take some time off from their individual projects and collaborate on a project together. Their first album, 'Sugar & Spice', premiered to strong reviews. It was not until 2005 that they decided to put out another album called 'Twins', described as 'jazz and pop meets R'n'B energy'. Apparently the following are the most often asked questions about the band: 1. Did Jimmy and Peter already play music together when you were still children? (Ans: No.) 2. Did Jimmy and Peter ever share the same instruments since Peter also played sax for a while? (Ans: No.) 3. Did Jimmy and Peter practice your instruments in the same room? (Ans: No.) 4. Did Jimmy and Peter ever fight over who is playing which instrument? (Ans: No.) 5. Are Jimmy and Peter even real brothers? (Ans: What do you think?)

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