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Miguel Arrieta

Miguel Angel Cortés Arrieta

Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/solna, http://soundcloud.com/miguelarrieta

Дискография Miguel Arrieta:

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Miguel Arrieta,(Zaragoza, 1976) based in Barcelona since 1995 has developed along his life a special interest in art, and specially in music motivated by the influence of his mother, who is a singer and a music teacher. Since he was a child, he has played several instruments such as piano, drums, saxophone among others, trying to develop a career as a music player, specially as a drummer and saxophonist. His music basically combines forcefully and melodies, looking forward the dance floor, plenty of different textures, rhythms and layers that are particularly mixed in order to create atmospheres and melodies that give his music a concrete and personal sound, that he uses as a base and as a root in all his creations. That's his particular universe

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