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Члены группы Highgate: Greg Brown (9), James Porter, Jay Waller, Nate Powell (2), Steve Porter (3)
Группа в интернете: https://highgatedoom.bandcamp.com, https://www.facebook.com/Highgatedoom, https://myspace.com/therealhighgate

Дискография Highgate:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Live Ritual I 2 audio iTunes 2008-09-00 Sermon Records
2 Shrines To The Warhead 4 audio iTunes 2010-03-00 Vendetta Records (3)
3 Black Frost Fallout 9 audio iTunes 2011-04-10 Totalrust Music
4 Black Frost Fallout 8 audio iTunes 2009 They Used Dark Forces
5 Ghäst / Highgate 2 audio iTunes 2012-05-05 Pesanta
6 Survival 3 audio iTunes 2013 Totalrust Music
7 Split 2 audio iTunes 2014-10-01 Tartarus Records

[b]Highgate[/b] was born in late 2005 as an outlet for four friends inspired by all things heavy. The original lineup consisted of Jamie Porter on guitar/vocals, Chaz Burke on guitar, Greg Wilson on bass/vocals, and Steve Porter on drums. After a series of equipment failures, however, Greg switched to guitar and they began tuning ultra-low. Highgate continued as a three-headed guitar monster until Chaz decided to leave the band in early 2006. After little debate, the remaining members decided to go on as a three-piece, no need for bass, just two guitars tuned as low as the strings would allow. The sound can best be described as a hybrid of minimalist doom, experimental noise, and grim black metal. An odd combination to some, but one that has brought the band recognition from all three sub-genres. Highgate are the harbingers of the Apocalypse. Their music is cold, harsh, and unrelenting. An outright attack on the senses and all that is “safe”. Not for everyone, but will give fans of the aforementioned genres an engaging listen.

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