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Frederick Defieuw

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/spoetnikdrabsinthe

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Started mixing records and cd's when i was the age of 13 after a long period of mixing decited to do something else then in 2002 i started producing with my first device the roland mc-307 groovebox en then keeping on buying devices and controllers,software....... you can never stop buying those things there is allways someting bether or different on e device with the sound so i keep on freaking and buying musical instruments the influence off my music is more a good fat sounding acid,bleepy and offcourse a fat bass or kick from the tr 909 with the pith between 120>180 bpm. warning this is underground non comercial music sounds hard en just aproved for and by freaks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't believe the hype stay underground ps i hate the amercan bands ho think there are the best with showing all there cars and home's,pools and ...... on mtv's cribs you know music is passion not $$$$$

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