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Savage Beliefs

Члены группы Savage Beliefs: Brian Gay, Dave Riley, Eric Cassell, Wes Tabayoyong
Группа в интернете: http://punkdatabase.com/wiki/Savage_Beliefs

Дискография Savage Beliefs:

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Savage Beliefs was Chicago-based punk rock band that existed from 1982 until 1984. They issued on 7" EP and appeared on one local compilation during that time. The band also filmed a documentary and recorded a soundtrack for the film but both remain unreleased. Guitarist [a=Brian Gay] was an original member of long-running Washington DC hardcore band [a=Government Issue] prior to moving to Chicago and continued to play in several bands around Chicago after the Savage Belief's demise. At their last show, [a=Steve Albini] allegedly told members of the band "When I heard you were breaking up, I cried". Bassist [a=Dave Riley] went on to join [a=Big Black] after Savage Beliefs split.

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