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M.C. Azim

Azim Lawrence Rashid

Дискография M.C. Azim:

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Azim Rashid was a graduate of the rough south Dallas, Texas hood of Hamilton Park. At a young age Azim got into music through listening to the early releases of [a=Michael Jackson]. Eventually he pursued an interest into hip-hop and gained notoriety around his neighborhood for his rhymes. Around 1987/88 Azim hooked up with local Dallas DJ [a=Snake, The (2)] and joined part of the rap group [a=Nemesis (3)]. As a member, M.C. Azim quickly became the group's leading emcee (along with [a=Big Al (9)]). While the group parlayed with laid back party rhymes, it was Azim that contributed many of themes of spirituality (as a Muslim) and social consciousness. However Azim departed shortly after the release of [r=845762] as the group was drifting more in the direction of gangsta posturing and booty bass music. After Azim released a solo project a few years later he traded a career as a recording artist for a more lucrative position. After working as an industy insider for several years M.C. Azim landed himself a job as [l=MCA Records Inc.]'s director of R&B promotion. In 2000 he was promoted to senior national director of the same department, overseeing the label's radio promotions and supervision of staff. More recently Azim joined the New Jersey-based Ultimate Media Group, a R&B/hip-hop marketing, management, and promotions firm, as their CEO.

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