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Tony Rigg

Группа в интернете: http://www.thelaboratoryproject.com/, https://www.facebook.com/thelaboratoryproject

Дискография Tony Rigg:

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Tony Rigg is a British music industry professional. As an artist, producer, and re-mixer he was a founder member of the Dance Assassins in 2004 with Matt Trolle & Dave Inns, who were signed to All Around The World Records/ CLUBLAND. During the Dance Assassins era two singles were released on 12 inch vinyl, Here I Am and Sail Away, both featuring Karen Parry on vocals. These were featured on 6 compilations including Clubland 6 & 8, DMC 266, Floorfillers 4, Clubmix 2005 & Hardcore Heaven (2011). As official re-mixers for AATW Dance Assassins produced mixes for Friday Night Posse v Gabrielle (2 different mixes were included on the international CD single release of Dreams from Central Station). Other releases included remixes for DJ Casper, United in Dance, Colours feat Domino, Eyeopener, DJ Jose, System F, et al. When Rigg joined Ministry of Sound as Operations Director he left the Dance Assassins with a final contribution to the Gala track Freed From Desire under the alias of Killa Deejays. Other collaborations include The Horn Brothers with producer/ musician Paul Hutchinson & F Y I with song writer/ musician Mike Doody Post Ministry of Sound Rigg set up The Laboratory Project music corporation, releasing numerous compilations largely from artists based in the North West of England. Some of the artists/ tracks featured on the compilations were produced by Rigg including Ascension, Darkspark, Fez, MC Tunes, China White v Rowetta (with Tim Hutton & Inder Goldfinger), et al Rigg continues to work on diverse music projects in a number of roles.

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