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Bright Channel

Члены группы Bright Channel: Brian Banks, Jeff Suthers, Shannon Stein
Группа в интернете: http://www.flightapproved.com/brightchannel.html

Дискография Bright Channel:

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Bright Channel has been described as inspiring and revelatory, dark and elegant, shimmering and roaring. One thing is for certain, Bright Channel's music defies categorization. This is a rock band with a wide variety of musical influences and a clear vision for the future. Since forming in June of 2002, this 3-piece has steadily grown a loyal fan base on the strength of their live appearances. Their signature sound consists largely of swirling, melodic guitars lapping against a wall of pounding rhythms. Encompassing the best of shoegazer, post-punk, indie rock, no-wave, brit pop and space rock, Bright Channel is forging ahead with a new sound that is highly stylized and unique.

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