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Scott Reagers

Также известно как: Reagers, S. Reagers

Дискография Scott Reagers:

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Scott Reagers was the original vocalist for the doom metal band Saint Vitus and was noted for his dramatic singing style. Scott left the band before the release of the band's 1986 LP "Born Too Late". A version of the album was recorded with Scott but after he left his vocals tracks were re-recorded by his replacement, Scott "Wino" Weinrich (one track from the session featuring Scott Reagers vocals was released on a 1985 SST Records compilation). Scott Reagers returned to Saint Vitus in 1995 to record their album "Die Healing" but the band split after its release. His split with the band was amicable, but he has not participated in any of the band's reunions, although he did make an appearance on stage during the band's encore at a Los Angeles, CA club in January of 2010.

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