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William Souffreau

Также известно как: De Soef, Souffreau, Souffreau W., W. Souffreau
Группа в интернете: https://sites.google.com/site/williamsouffreauofficial/home

Дискография William Souffreau:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 In My Room 13 audio iTunes 1994 Granota
2 Baby Come On 2 audio iTunes 1996 HKM (Hans Kusters Music)
3 Under A Belgian Moon 12 audio iTunes 1991 Cobra Records
4 Diamond Collection 15 audio iTunes 2004 HKM (Hans Kusters Music)

William Souffreau is one of Belgium's great rock pioneers. He has been playing music for more than five decades now. William was born on the 14th of April 1946, in Erembodegem, under a Belgian moon. He jumped into the music scene in the early sixties with the rock 'n' roll band The Blue Jets. At that time William wrote his first song, 'Feel so Lonely', which was later recorded on the album ‘Shake It’ (2002) by Blink It. Around 1963 William played with The Mings. His first recordings date from 1966, with [r5292764] Near the end of the 60s The Four Rockets became the more psychedelic rockband Dementia Praecox. In 1970 William was elected number one rock singer of Belgium. Earlier that year he had founded the band The Voodoo, which soon became [a1047320]. This rock band was a large success in many countries. [a1047320] recorded one album [m18353] and four singles [m354186], [m625767], [r4812621], [r5157440] all collector's items now. The band played many concerts and did numerous TV and radio shows. Irish Coffee was a support act for [a254059], [a372256] and [a247009], among others. In 1974 the Irish Coffee story came to an end. In 1975 William and [a3641856] made some studioproject as [a3297214] and recorded [r4579896]. He was the producer of [r5129775] in 1976 and in 1977 he formed [a3634425] and the release [r5276656]. In 1978 William established Joystick, with a funky horn section and great musicians such as [a1055542]. On Thursday 20 March 1980 Joystick were support act for [a233658] in Aalst (Belgium). Joystick never made an album, but a few of the Joystick songs were recorded in 2004 on [r5151778]. In the eighties William did many gigs with his coverband Oh Boy!. They had a great live reputation and a very underground playlist. In 1990 he went solo as a singer-songwriter. Until this day he released more than ten albums. He worked together with many great musicians, such as [a1254920], Michael Chapman, [a297693], [a20194] and [a193546]. He played on big stages and did support acts for [a94078] and [a39775]. In the late nineties William picked up his rock ’n’ roll years and started the rockabilly band Blink It. They released two swinging albums that were critically acclaimed. In those years William also recorded an album [r5151778] with a new formed Irish Coffee and new songs (2004). Irish Coffee II went to Bonn (Germany) to play [m401734](CD/LP/DVD). He also formed a brand new rock ’n’ roll band The Cochrans, together with [a1146276] and [a880262]. They played mostly songs from [a139984] and other great fifties heroes. Recently William recorded an album with The Moonlovers (2008). He is playing with [a168490] in Old School, doing covers from rare songs of the great rock music catalogue. He started the rock 'n' roll band The Rockabilly Rhythm Revue. With Irish Coffee III (with [a880262] on drums) he plays his songs in a firm hardrock-blues mode, on the album [m625776]. William Souffreau is still rocking.

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